A Fresh New Day
A Fresh New Day

I like to journal.  For years, I have put them in spiral notebooks.  And when I fill one up, I just throw it away.  Folks have been telling me that I need to save them. But seriously, it would be a mountain of paper!  So I thought I would try out blogging.  See how it goes.

I like to stay  busy.   Right now I am building 3 websites and learning a new programming language, operating my cottage kitchen, progressing towards the opening of our store, running a household, trying to lose weight, and last but not least, taking care of my elderly parents.   This kind of keeps things fresh, as I change from task to task many times each day.

I want to write about life, as it is around here with me.  I want a record of things. And I would love to share it with others.

I love life!  And there is not a single other one that I would rather be living more, than mine.

2 thoughts on “beginnings…”

  1. I have loved your quote “I think the secret to life is to just chip away at it!” since the first time I read it. Encouraged that you still believe the same to be true today. Love your header photo 😉 Looking forward to reading about your daily adventures!!!

    1. Thank you, Trish, for all your encouragement. That phrase really does seem to cover things, I think even more so the older I get!

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