Fighting Back on Tough Days!

healthysnacksAt 7:00 this evening, I had only 50 calories left for my day.  That’s not good, because I usually have about 500 left at that time of day.  But I was busy at 7:00, so it really wasn’t a big deal.  The problem came around 10:00 pm, at which time I am accustomed to sitting down to a nice, late supper.  I knew it was going to happen, and sure enough, it did.

There are several good things to eat in our house right now.  We have zucchini bread, Fritoes and bean dip, pimento cheese and Wheat Thins, Sunchips,… to name a few.  When I have the calories to spare, I Iike to include a couple of things off that list, but tonight I had nothing!!  And I was seriously considering that zucchini bread.  After all, i was probably going to blow it, anyway!  Then I thought about how I have stuck my neck out pretty far on this whole calorie counting thing, and that gave me a little desire to try harder.  I guess accountability is a good thing!

Instead of blowing it, I decided to work on this Calorie Crusader email, which is kind of like journaling, it helps me a lot!  I usually write it on Friday mornings, but I thought now would be a good time to get busy doing something, since I am not extremely tired at the moment.

First, I looked over my notes that I have accumulated throughout the week.  Then, I sat down at my computer with a bottle of cold water and 3 slices of Oscar Meyer boiled ham. That’s 70 calories worth of ham.  And the reason is, I have noticed that pure protein not only makes me feel better when I am so hungry that I feel kind of sick, but it  also kills unwanted cravings.  So I ate the ham,  and I am sipping on the water as I write this.  I can still have fruits and veges tonight too, because I never count those.  I now  feel like I am out of the woods!!  I was just having a pity party, I guess.

You wouldn’t believe how many times in the past I have “chosen the zucchini bread”.  And then the chips and everything else would follow, because, “oh well”!  That’s the wrong attitude and I call it a “diet mentality”.  Fighting through this evening has given me a fresh focus on my goal.  And my goal is, to make a permanent place for calorie counting in my life!  So it’s good to be learning some tricks that work.

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